In 2015, Russell Katz, decided to found Sound Reps, LLC after a distinguished 35 year career in sales and marketing, 20 of which were in the High End Audio Business.

What should I name my company?


noun: music when recorded, used to accompany a film or video production, or broadcast.

the distinctive quality of the music of a particular composer or performer or of the sound produced by a particular musical instrument.

“the sound of the Beatles”

music, especially popular music.

adjective: sound

based on reason, sense, or judgment.

“sound advice for healthy living”

synonyms: well founded, valid, reasonable, logical, weighty, authoritative, reliable, well grounded

“sound advice”

competent, reliable, or holding acceptable views.

“he’s a bit stuffy, but he’s very sound on his law”

synonyms:reliable, dependable, trustworthy, fair; 


noun: rep; plural noun: reps

a sales representative.

act as a sales representative for a company or product.

“at eighteen she was working for her dad, repping on the road”

“Sound Reps, LLC

noun: a reliable, and dependable rep firm that builds your brand the old fashioned way by hitting the road and getting in front of people face to face.

Sound Reps, LLC is searching for audio/video manufacturers, musicians, artists, and individuals that have a great product to sell but would rather have someone else do the selling for them.

Audio/Video Manufacturers, let us find that audio video retailer, custom installer, and interior designer that will promote and ultimately sell consumers your products. Artists, let us find that art gallery, or museum that can show the world your beautiful and colorful works. Musicians, let us find you the club, or festival to introduce the world to your musical genius. Individuals, let us help you find businesses or consumers that are willing to pay for your expertise.