The first time I heard Lyle Lovett’s name was when I found out he had removed Julia (Pretty Woman) Roberts from the dating pool. How could she marry him? She was drop dead gorgeous, while he was….well I guess she didn’t marry him for his looks. No, she probably married him for his ability to write an incredible song. For instance, a song like “Since the Last Time”, where Lovett exposes the emotions that are experienced while attending a funeral.This is the seventh song on Lyle’s fourth album “Joshua Judges Ruth”, and is one of my favorite demo tracks for showing how well a speaker images.

Some of you might be asking yourselves what is stereo imaging. In simple terms, great stereo imaging is where you can close your eyes and pinpoint the exact location, both horizontally and vertically, of the sound in front of you. Is the singer up front and in the middle of the stage? Is she 5′ 4″, or 6′ tall? Is she playing her guitar while sitting in a chair, or is she standing in front of a microphone? Is the bass guitarist standing in the back right corner of the stage? Does the choir sound like it is surrounding the singer?

 On a good pair of speakers, Lyle’s voice should stay front & center while the individual voices of his back up choir should be spread out from left to right. I bet you start smiling after you hear the laughter when the devil is approaching.

Here is Lyle performing the song live.

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