“If you build it they will come”. These lines are from the movie “Field of Dreams” and reflect Russ Katz’s, the President of Sound Reps, philosophy behind building your brand. Once you build a relationship with your customers and gain their trust, they’ll come back again and eventually become customers for life.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Here are some of the great things that customers have said about Russ.

Hi Russ,

All is hooked up and running. The amp is more than enough power for my house. My wife was upstairs when I moved the volume control knob to just above the 1/4 mark and she asked if I could please turn it down. The Polk speakers really sing and the sub woofer sounds a lot cleaner with the NAD over the Yamaha receiver. The real winning combination is playing the vinyl. I thought it sounded pretty darn good with the other receiver. Boy was I wrong. Finally played through the Sony CD player that I spoke of, was out right impressive. I played a Diana Krall disc and it sounded remarkable. I can not imagine that music can sound even better than this but I am willing to give it a try.

I wish to thank you once again for answering all of my questions, inviting me to the store, coming in on your day off to meet with me, buying me lunch, and following up on the purchase. I like that you are looking at new ventures, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, but you might want to consider a book. A lot of people could learn from you.

Until the next time…



Hi Russ,

It was good to see you at the audio fest this weekend. Please sign me up for your blog and your music recommendations! I trust your ears, and you have always recommended great albums.

When are you usually at the store? I’d like to come by and share some music with you as well!



Thank you for steering me to the Director.  I don’t think I have enjoyed anything I’ve purchased more.  I expected that it would improve my streaming experience but didn’t expect what it did to my Rotel CD player.  The Director blew me away.  I thought the Rotel had a good DAC, but now I know better.

Switching the USB cable when connecting my CD player and computer is a pain, but well worth the effort.  Wish the Director had a dedicated power input source.

Been listening to my CD collection, haven’t got to your list yet.

I got the AudioQuest coax cable with the unit but we didn’t talk about the USB computer connection.  Is there an appreciable difference with say the AudioQuest Cinnamon over the computer peripheral cables?  If so what do you recommend?

Thanks again, I am really glad I made the trek to Columbia.



Outstanding Service

Dear Mr. D.,

We recently purchased a Kalaidescape Cinema One movie system and a Sonos sound system at your Columbia store. We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience of working with Russ Katz. When we visited the store several weeks ago it was to ask if someone could repair our universal remote and to check if it was time to update the TV system we had purchased about 5 years ago. Russ was very welcoming and offered to help us. He candidly told us that the Pioneer Elite TV we had purchased was about the best and that we should wait to buy a new TV. While we were talking he offered to show us the Kalaidescape and Sonos systems and we were very impressed with the technology. We said we would give serious thought to making a purchase. Russ advised that we should wait to have the universal remote fixed until we decided on whether to purchase the Kalaidescape. A week or two later he called to tell us about the special offer of 50 predownloaded films and that was enough of an incentive to bring us back to the store and purchase the equipment. We were concerned about having to “run wires” in our family room and Russ explained that by combining the Sonos with the Kalaidescape Cinema One we could use a wireless connection, and he was right. Russ made two trips to our home: the first to check out our system and make sure the equipment installation would work they way we wanted, and the second when the system was installed. We very much appreciated his interest and concern, and especially on the day of installation when his careful tutorials helped us learn the system . In addition, there was a problem in accessing the 50 preloaded films and Russ took the initiative to call Kalaidescape and talk to a representative to clear up the problem. He had them working on the problem when he left, and several hours later when he called back and the movies were still not accessible he called Kalaidescape again and that resulted in an ultimate resolution of the problem. Russ said he would not be satisfied until the movies wee accessible and because of his efforts we were able to watch a movie that night.

Russ is an outstanding representative of your company. His approach to dealing with customers reinforces that we are not only buying the finest electronic equipment but that we will be provided the finest customer service as well. You are fortunate to have him as an employee.

Best regards,

Paul and Kathleen C.

Russ, thanks.  It’s good to deal with someone who does what he says he will.  It’s rare actually.  Look forward to Monday’s call. 



My overall impressions of the B&W event were extremely favorable.  An elegant presentation, great access to answer questions, and a chance to see the full B&W line (which has always been one of my favorite speaker brands and the one I recommend to people who ask me about speakers, particularly smaller speakers).  These people are usually not in the market for very large speakers (the WAF) and are often interested in home theatre rather than pure sound systems.  I only wish that I could have enjoyed the food and beverage portion of the presentation, which, of course, I could not due to my dietary limitations.  The comestibles were as elegant as the speaker presentation and I was sorely tempted!

I can’t think of anything that would have improved the evening.  It was very close to perfect just as it was.

I believe I have already covered my opinion of what you did, not only well, but excellently.

I have no unanswered questions.  While I am not in the market for speakers for myself at this time, I learned much about the current B&W line which will better inform my responses to those who ask me about audio systems, including those for home theatre.  I remain surprised at how many people still ask me about audio products and issues.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, certainly not in 20 years!

Thanks for a great presentation!!! 

 Larry B.

Hey Russ- Sorry for getting back to you so late..was in NYC last weekend..got engaged. How’s your back? You know I’m an orthopedic surgeon if you need something. Thanks also for getting the cable fixed. I’ve got to get up there to pick it up. By the way the speakers are amazing! 


Hey Russ,

I finally gave it a test run last night.  Wow!  This is a really nice system.  I’ve never had this kind of quality audio before, and for the low volume relaxation listening I do, the compressed soundstage is not a problem.  Even with this unit I could hear the left side right side separation in the keyboard recording I was listening to (Glenn Gould playing Brahms).



Hi Russ,

Glad you were able to stop by.  I really appreciate all the good information you provided, especially about the placement of the speakers.  I also want to thank you again for the sleeves.

I checked out the Tandberg reel to reel and love it.  Wish you had one in your store… to listen to one of the Tape Project reels. I read they’re quite a listening experience.

Thanks for all the links you have provided me.  I’m really in dream land now.

Talk to you soon,


Dear Russ,

We hope you are beginning to feel better.

Good news.  While Ann was babysitting on Sunday night, Gunther recorded Downton Abbey.  We watched it last night.  It recorded and played back perfectly thanks to you, your inherited problem solving skills, and your persistence.  None of your many virtues are lost on us, though we seem to be testing them all.

Again many thanks,

Ann and Gunther

As I am writing Gunther is watching the Berlin Philharmonic on the new TV via the computer!  Excellent picture and sound!  Thank you so much for helping us and for getting the Airport Express.  Thanks for spending so much time with us to get everything working.

We hope you are well very soon.  This flu season is terrible.  If you can’t get Roz to take a hot bubble bath, you take one.  See the doc.

We will plan a dinner soon,


Thank you very much for adjusting the speakers at my home.  The difference is like night and day!   I appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to make my stereo system sound first class.

Best wishes.